and welcome to my blog!

My name is David Strobach and this blog is all about me and my hobbies and interests.. My Hobbies include: hiking, playing piano and ukulele, making music, and being with friends.

I am currently enrolled at the University of Mary Washington pursuing a degree in Education/History.  However, I first made this domain for my Music Technology for Musicians class. I got interested in music in 4th grade at Escuela Key Elementary School in my beautiful hometown in Arlington, VA. I played the French Horn from fourth to seventh grade. I  stopped playing the French Horn because I  got bored of playing classical music. So then I moved on to the ukulele.

On Christmas of 2014 (sophomore year) my parents FINALLY gave me a small soprano ukulele after months of begging for one. I taught myself through YouTube videos and playing some chords/covers of some of my favorite songs. For my senior project (some call it senior experience) I learned how to play the piano. I always liked the piano but was always intimidated by it.  For my senior project, I said I would compose my own piece, learn an additional three songs and perform each one of them.

That’s enough about me! I hope you enjoy my blog!




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